If you made it this far, just know… I LOVE YOU!

I’m not a mad genius, or a professional writer, or anything like that. I’m just a normal 18-year-old kid who thinks way too much!

Today, I decided to finally start a blog/site/whatever you wanna call it, to share my experiences, lessons, and also some fun stuff! Whether it’s “Top 10 Gifts For Mother’s Day Under $25” or “How To Get Over a Break-Up As a Teen”, I’ll be trying my best to help whoever I can, whenever I can. (If you wanna know more about me and my life, just click here)

Let’s Get Started!

Back in 2011 my dad made his first ever film, The Architect.

I was just a background actor but you can imagine… I was as happy as a baby in a candy store! (I was 8-years-old so technically I was a baby.. but you get the point!)

Nothing really changed, until 2012.

In 2012 he made his second movie ever, A Matter of Justice. (IMDB years are off)

This was my first serious role! (Christopher)

I got to film with Michael Madsen (shout-out to him), Rachel Hunter, and Jennifer Dale. This was truly an experience of a lifetime, and I was only 9 so I hadn’t lived much of a life before that, but all I knew was that acting/filming/entertaining people in general was all I wanted to do in my life!

I thought this was the start of everything.

No more school, Jaccuzzi’s and milkshakes, “Hollywood”, all that good stuff…

In a way you could say I was right, but also very wrong!

I still went to public school, I still had a tiny bathtub, I still lived in Toronto.. but at the same time, everyone at school would call me an “actor” (grade 3-4 at the time), I would have to go to auditions… I felt like I was already living “the good life”!

Remember.. I was 9. Any special/different treatment felt like it was “the good life!

About 2 years later, he makes his best movie yet, Being American.

Starring Christopher Mcdonald (when he was sane), Sienna Guillory (most amazing person I’ve met), Lorenzo LamasCaitlin Carmichael, and my favourite of them all, Robert Miano

This was what really started everything.

It’s the reason we live in LA, the reason I love entertaining people, the reason I started my YouTube channel (shameless plug) and even the reason why I’m writing this blog!!!

Even though I still don’t have all of that good stuff I was talking about before, it taught me that the outcome isn’t what’s important, it’s the path that we take. How we take it, and what it takes to get there!

Think about it like this… when you walk to a local coffee shop or store, you already know your destination/what you want (most of the time), what you worry about is the path you take/how to get there/how to get money to buy something…. the journey!

Just like life, we should worry about our path/journey to the destination instead of just the destination itself… and that’s what it taught me. It taught me that a wrong path will lead me to the wrong destination, it taught me that you can’t just teleport to your local coffee shop you have to walk and risk cramps… you get the point! These are all questions I ask myself about everything I do. Why? Because my destination is the outcome of my journey!

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