Top 10 Tips to Master Fortnite

Here Are Some “Top 10 Tips” to becoming a Fortnite Master!!

If you’re just starting to play for the first time, I would suggest noting these tips down for the future when they’ll be easier to accomplish!

I personally started off the game very very slow. I think it took me over 3 months of starting to play to end up with 8 solo wins….lol. I really wanted to live stream for friends or family that may have been interested but I knew my gameplay was not close enough to being “entertaining” or helpful in any way so I decided to find and create my own tips!

The results may vary, but I ended up getting 100 solo wins in 30 days following these tips! GOOD LUCK 🙂

Top 10 Tips to Mastering Fortnite

Practice Makes Perfect! (for-real though)

I know… you’ve heard it before. “Practice! Practice! Practice!” I’m not talking about the fairy tale version of it thought I’m talking about real practice. Muscle memory! Just like our minds, our muscles can remember things too. Play everyday, even if it’s for 30 minutes a day, just so your muscles get used-to reading naturally!

How to practice:

  • Practice by playing “Squads” or LTM’s
  • Take advantage of the New “Playground” mode
  • Ease into playing “Solos” after comfortable with “Squads”
  • When playing, try to learn/do better, don’t play to win… yet!

Building is KEY!

Build! Build! Build!

I cannot stress this enough. Building is more than just “a fort”. Its portable defence! You’re getting shot at? Good, throw up a wall! They’ve got high ground? GOOD, build stairs! Before getting better at anything make sure you get good at building because even if the opponent is better than you at shooting, you can disengage the fight without getting hurt!

Ways to get better at building:

  • Use “Builder Pro” setting (console) click here for PC building tips
  • 1v1 build battle with friends in “Playground Mode”
  • Be patient because it takes time
  • Follow step #1… PRACTICE!!!

Find The Perfect Settings (PC)

Unless you have Ninja’s PC, stop copying his settings!

As much as it breaks my heart to say this, copying Ninja’s settings will NOT make you play the same as Ninja. Unless you have the same specs, it will just fry your computer! Choose your settings accordingly to your computer specs! You don’t want to run settings that will just slow your computer down and make you play worse.

So if you are going to copy, copy off someone who has the same specs as you!

How to find the perfect settings (PC & Console):

  • Jump into “Playground Mode” and learn what each setting does. Play with each setting mode until you come across your “Perfect” setup!
  • Use LTM’s to practice without damaging Game Stats.
  • Copy your favourite streamers settings, and edit them to your liking, and compatibility to have a clean gameplay.
  • Try EACH sensitivity in all game modes!

Set A Goal!

Somehow setting a goal is the most powerful tip I’ve learned while playing this game. If you’re just playing and expecting to get better I promise you will get 0 results.

You have to set a goal for yourself and no… not “get better at fortnite”.

Set a goal to getting better at building, or get 1 win a day, or end in top 10, or top 5, etc. If you’re serious about getting better than this step shouldn’t be a problem. Some days it might take you 3 hours+ to accomplish your goal, some days it takes only 1 or less. You have to stay committed to your goal, don’t give up after a wrong turn. I went from 1 a day, to 2, to 4, and so on! If I can do it, you DEFINITELY can too! The whole point of this blog is to “Master”.. not get your first ___! Do this until you master your goal within a given time

(e.g I’ll play everyday until I master getting 1 win an hour and/or every 8 games)

Goal Examples:

  • Practice Builder Pro
  • Practice Building/Pushing
  • (x) amount of wins a day
  • (x) amount of wins per (y) amount of games played
  • (x) amount of kills per game


Find Your Style

This is a bit more advanced.

Finding your style can be beneficial in many ways. Offensively and Defensively! It teaches you how to approach your opponent, when/when-not to approach your opponent, how to read your opponent, etc. It’s basically how you play the game!

It’s good to know your style to prevent in-game problems and/or complications.

When you know your style, you know what gun your most comfortable using, you know whether you’re a high-ground or low-ground player, a sniper or medic, etc!

How to find your style:

  • See what gun you’re best with and most comfortable using
  • Attack/push players to find out what style is for you (close range, mid range, long-range)
  • Land in both populated and quiet spots until you know whats right for you
  • Find your strengths
  • The play-style you use the most is what you should master

Study Your Opponent!

Studying your opponent is a lot easier than it seems.

If you’re making the push, see how they build, how they shoot, how they push or defend with other players… study them, and make moves accordingly to their actions.

If they’re pushing you, take a deep breath. Try to find their weakness, and use it against them!

Studying your opponent will help you know if the fight you’re about to get into is worth engaging or disengaging!


How to study your opponent:

  • Watch how they Build, Push, and Defend.
  • See what gun they’re mainly using (close range, mid range, long-range).
  • Look for a weakness.

Upgrade Your Gear!

Remember, this is on how to “Master” Fortnite.

Not a beginner’s guide to being a noob.. so yes, you will have to invest money if you’re taking this serious.

Upgrading your gear doesn’t have to mean spending hundreds of dollars on the slightest changes. It just means you need an upgrade!!

The most important upgrades in my opinion are:

  • Headphones
  • Controller/Keyboard & Mouse
  • Console/PC

Here’s a list of Affordable Headphones that do the job in my opinion (only if necessary):

Here’s a list of Affordable Scuf Alternatives for Controllers:

Here’s a list of Affordable Gaming PC’s:

(prices in USD)

Response Time/Monitor/Internet!!!

The main reason you see professionals play on a monitor is for the Response Time. Response time can make the biggest difference when playing video games, more so on the internet but the monitor has a major role in this too!

The Internets response time is the connection from your controller to game, and your monitors response time is the connection between player v player!

If your opponent has a 1ms (millisecond) response time compared to 6 or 7ms (average) that a TV has, they have advantage over you. They will be able to hit shots before you, dodge bullets and build faster – before you will, even though on your screen it’s the same, it will lead to a different outcome!

(e.g On their screen they shot a bullet, and hit you in 1ms, but on your TV you get hit in 7ms… = delayed reactions.)

Here’s a list of Affordable Monitors with fast response times!

1ms Response Time:

2ms Response Time:

(prices in USD)


The worst thing you can do is give up!

Unless you decided that Fortnite/Streaming is not your cup of tea, DON’T GIVE UP! It will get stressful and annoying constantly loosing and dying but don’t take it as an L/lose, take it as a lesson. Learn from your loses and even your wins! Study yourself and see what makes you win a game, and what makes you lose one. Don’t get discouraged because someone’s better than you, it’s a massive community so sorry to break it to you but you will come across more experienced players than yourself time-to-time!

Everything we do takes time, not just video games, so hold onto your goals and look past the L’s. Look at the bigger picture!

(Big Tip: don’t get mad. Play with knowledge not emotions)

If you end up getting trapped in a one by one don’t down yourself or tell your self you’re bad… just get over it, start a new game, and continue the grind!

Enjoy The Game

ALWAYS keep in mind why you started playing the game in the first place


If you started playing because your favourite influencer or streamer started playing it, you’ll most likely have the worst time of your life playing this game. Make sure you’re playing the game to have fun, and don’t let wins, kills and other peoples standards be how you measure your enjoyment!

Do daily/weekly tasks, achieve goals, play with friends, and try to learn something new and exciting about the game to truly enjoy it!



I really hope you learned something from theses Top 10 Tips! If there’s anything you think I missed that would be crucial to becoming “The Next Fortnite Master” click here and let me know by sending me an email!


Remember… PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE, and you WILL become a master at Fortnite!