The New $3000 Sony Aibo Robot Dog

The New Sony Aibo Robot Dog is here!

If you remember the first Sony Aibo Robot Dog, you can clearly see they’ve done major upgrades!

In this post I’m going to go through all the new features and upgrades that Sony has done to the New Aibo Robot Dog!


Cool Features


The new Aibo Dog is so interactive, its scary!

“Being with people is what aibo loves best. With a cheerful curiosity, aibo wants to know you, explore its environment, understand the ways of the world—
and, from time to time, be a little mischievous.” – AiboUS

You don’t even need to own the “robot” to see how seriously advanced this thing really is. It comes with an “iBone” and “Pink Ball” (depending on your dogs choice of colour) which the dog then plays with!

It knows a veriety of tricks with toys and without, like:Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 6.54.16 PM

  • Fetch (iBone)
  • Find (iBone)
  • Kick (ball)
  • “bang-bang”/play dead (no toy needed)
  • “Shake my hand”
  • “Sit”

and much more!

It also responds to positive & negative feedback! (e.g. good boy, good, nice – bad, I don’t like it, etc!)

(click here to watch the video I came across which truly shows you its interaction with the real world! – @UnboxTherapy)


Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 6.56.58 PM

Yes, the new Aibo Dog has a real dog identity!

If you’ve ever had a robot dog in your childhood you probably know that they’ve all claimed to have some sort of “identity”… but this one is real. The Aibo Dog builds an identity by learning and adapting to the real world and its environment…


“Your approach to raising your aibo shapes its personality, behavior, and knowledge, creating a unique environment for growth. Over time, your aibo will continue to learn and develop as your approach to nurturing gradually shapes its personality.” -AiboUS

  • Aibo progressively grows and changes while constantly updating its data in the cloud. The way you treat/approach your Aibo is how it will shape its personality, over time of course! (it could be a doting partner, a fun-loving companion, or anywhere in between)
  • It has the ability to learn and recognize different faces which also has an effect and its growth/identity. If a person in nice/kind to the Aibo, it will get close and comfortable
  • Aibo recognizes spaces as it walks around the room, and even figures out the shortest distances to different locations
  • It creates a database of memories to a personal cloud which keeps track of everything it experiences!
  • Can learn NEW tricks through MyAiboApp

I remember when I had a robot dog as a kid it would always come with a set personality/identity that wouldn’t adapt or do anything at all to be honest. It was kind of boring, up untill now!

Just this feature it’s self can change the world of robotics! For all those kids who really want a pet but maybe don’t have enough space at home, or their parents are too busy, or maybe they just can afford it.. now they have a chance!


The design of the new Aibo Dog is a true representation of what our “Robot Dog” should look like, and now it does!

Thanks to Aibo, our “Robot Dogs” will finally look like a living animal. Even though it doesn’t have fur and living organs, it truly represents a real dog.

Here’s a list of Design Features that you’ll love:

  • Eye Contact – It has screens for eyes that look real! “One look is enough to know exactly what aibo needs. Aibo conveys emotion intuitively”
  • Facial Expressions – Aibo gives facial expressions to tell you how its feeling!
  • Body Temp – Aibo body temperature changes due to how its feeling
  • Movement – Aibo moves and gestures in hundreds of ways like a real dog!

Cool Upgrades


One of the major upgrades that Sony has done is the product its self!

Past versions of the Aibo barely represented a dog, it mostly represented a robot. It had a screen for a face, had much less movement than now, and had absolutely no emotional reflection of a real dog! It was merely a robot.

Now, even with only looking at the Aibo, it gives off a real-robot dog feeling, a feeling which up until this point felt impossible. It feels like the robot is alive!

This is a major advantage for robotic engineering but also the end of us humans.Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 6.58.52 PM

(loling)     it knows its true >

Aibo APP

Though you can’t download the app just yet, its ready.

Aibo has created an app which you can:

  • view photos & memories
  • teach your aibo new tricks
  • keep track of your aibo health, and much more!

Besides the fact that iPods didn’t even exist when I owned one of these, now they come with an app that pretty much lets you manage and control everything you do with your Aibo. This lets you connect with you Aibo more than you could with the past versions!


The identity is a huge upgrade in my opinion.

Every past version of a robot dog came with a preset identity which was kind of boring! Now, Sony has blessed us with multiple adaptive identities which are based on how the Aibo is raised, almost like a real dog!

If you haven’t already, scroll up to read how the new Aibo Robot Dog creates an identity!

If you have a real dog, a robot dog in general is a downgrade, but a super upgrade from past versions.

This is very helpful for families who really want a pet, but can’t have one (due to allergies, time, money, etc). I would definitely consider accepting the new Aibo Robot Dog into your family if you’re in this situation!