3 Creative Ways to Earn $1000 Extra per Month With YouTube!

Nowadays when YouTubers talk about making money with YouTube, they say they make nothing, its dying, blah blah blah! Not true. Maybe their channel is coming to an end but YouTube is not! Here are some creative ways to make some extra money using YouTube.

Remember, you may end up making less, you may end up making more; it’s not a 100% guaranteed to be the same for everyone.

If you still have not created your YouTube channel and would like to learn how, Click Here for a “Jumpstart” tutorial.


You can make money with “YouTube Ads” by Monetizing your YouTube videos and having them place ads in-between each video. The way you get paid with ads is by a “CPM” (a.k.a. Cost per Impression & Cost per Click). For each click you get paid by a CPM rate,

(e.g.                              0.2 cents CPM)

which then adds up into one big check! They use target advertising to show ads that the viewer’s interested in, so make sure you get the views and they’ll handle the rest! With an average CPM, creators earn $2 per 1000 views, and depending on what niche you’re in, you may have a higher, or lower CPM, so the key strategy would be to get a lot of views, either way.


Affiliate Marketing is selling/promoting, reviewing, or even testing a company’s product for a reward (money or free stuff) but with the effort of bringing the company new customers. This is an excellent way to make extra money on any platform, YouTube especially! The way this works is by getting an affiliate link for a product you’d like to promote, and make a video about it.

(best to stick with something that’s within your niche)

Here are some video ideas on how to promote your affiliate link:

  • Product Review
  • Product Tutorial
  • Favourite _____ of The Month
  • Best of _____
  • Comparison Videos

Talk about the product(s) in your video and add your affiliate link in the description. When speaking about the product, tell your audience they may purchase the product by clicking the link in your description. You then make a commission for every person who purchases the product through your Affiliate Link.

(Again, a key strategy here would be to get a lot of views)


No, you don’t need millions or hundred of thousands of subscribers to make money off selling things… you just need to know how to sell! If you know how to sell then this should be easy. If you don’t, here’s a few tips.

  • Word of mouth is free
  • Sell something you’d buy and advertise it to the right people
  • Use “drop-shipping” if you can
  • quality over quantity

Here’s a few ideas of what you could sell:

  • MerchandiseTeeSpring x YouTube
  • Music 
  • e-Book – 100 pages, $6 , 1 Copy per Day = $186 per Month

You can also buy things on eBay and sell them on Shopify by promoting you’re the product/your store on YouTube!

There are hundreds of things to sell and hundreds of people waiting to wash their money away so there should be nothing to stop you here! Just make sure you’re promoting your video as much as your video is promoting a product. If you don’t know how to use Facebook Ads, use “word of mouth” it’s probably more productive and it’s free! Go to places where people have interest in the type of product you’re selling, and let them know you’re selling… as easy as that! Tell your friends and family to share the product with their friends as-well. The more people who come across it, the better; but even if its one person at a time, its worth it. Patience is key.

I hope these tips help you or anyone you know that may need them! I wish you the best with your success and channel and if you’d like to ask me personally for a more in-depth explanation of anything, feel free to email me Here.

I’d be happy to help 🙂