Secret Formula to Creating Professional YouTube Videos!

If you want to be a YouTube sensation, creating GREAT content should be your one and only priority. Not the amount of subs or views that you or he/she have, not what she/he is doing in their videos.  Instead ask  “what am I doing in my videos?”… “Are they great?”, “Are they meh?”, “Am I doing too much?”, “Am I doing too little?”. These are questions you should be asking yourself and figuring out as a YouTube creator; for each and every video. Today I decided to leak this “Secret Formula” on creating professional videos to hopefully be the spark of our next generation of influencers!

Understanding YouTube

“Understanding YouTube” seems to be the #1 ingredient people don’t look into! If you’ve done your research on YouTube and have an understanding of how everything works, go to the next step.

If you haven’t, here are some need-to-knows about YouTube that will help you grow:

  • YouTube is still growing! (1.3 billion daily users)
  • During primetime hours, more 19-49 year olds visit YouTube more than any T.V network on an average day in the Unites States.
  • YouTube is the second largest website & search engine in the world
  • 3-5 BILLION new users coming online 2018-2020
  • You can make & edit YouTube videos from a phone
  • Videos valued by “watch time”

Creative Strategy

If your videos are fine but for some reason your channel is not growing, your strategy should be on how to raise your watch time. Watch time is what YouTube values the most when it comes to videos. In this case you’d want to learn how to create compelling thumbnails, non clickbait but somewhat clickbait titles, and most important.. your content!

A strategy for creating better content depends on the content itself. It can be as easy as making sure you film at a specific time for the natural lighting (makeup tuts), or shooting from point (A) in your room for more background (reaction videos, etc), or making an agenda… just caring about your video and asking yourself what’s wrong with it and/or what’s not wrong with it can take you far!

How to Come Up With a Video Strategy

One of the best ways to come up with a video strategy is by creating a schedule. Whether it’s on a calendar or a piece of paper, create a schedule that works best with your video. On the days of filming, write out an hourly schedule and make constructive notes to help you remember something you may have wanted in your video!

(e.g  Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 5.15.57 PM     )


Many people think to make amazing YouTube videos you need a $5000 setup when that’s not the truth at all! Having a better camera is like having a bigger bed.. yeah its cool, maybe it helps the tiniest bit, but it’s not necessary unless you can afford it! An iPhone 6s and above should do just fine. The iPhone 7 shoots in 4k video which is better than most vlog cameras being used.

The real secret is angles. It costs $0 and it’s the most powerful tool when filming!

To get the perfect angle you have to know your surroundings and know a little bit of photography/videography. If you know absolutely nothing about how to shoot or don’t know about your surroundings, experiment! Put the camera in every corner of your room, or go on an adventurous walk around your city to find that “perfect” shot. Make sure you have an idea of what you’d want your video/scene to look like, and make it happen! Try everywhere if you have to.

If you are looking to invest in yourself and YouTube channel, here are some affordable cameras I suggest considering: 

My “go-to” tripod.

Prices in USD


Everyone will tell you that lighting is the most important part of creating professional videos and in some ways it’s true. This all depends on what type of video you’re filming. The setting of the video has a major role in this too! Try to find a setting that makes the video look more unique.

If you’re filming prank videos – lighting shouldn’t be a concern at all, worry about your prank ideas, angles, and safety!

For videos like makeup tutorials and reaction type videos –  its good to have natural light from the sun for your background and a ring light around your camera/phone for you or your face. If the room you’re in doesn’t have direct sunlight, consider buying studio lights or find a different location with good natural lighting (i.e backyard, living room, park, etc).

For vlog and travel type videos  – make sure you avoid filming in the dark. It’s best to start early to have more time with daylight and more time to edit later on in the day! Also, when recording, always face the sun/light, try not to keep the sun/light in frame.


When recording, emphasize your words. Make sure your audience can clearly understand what it is that you’re saying. If you’re speaking too fast or too slow it might turn off some potential subscribers. Look out for things like echo, wind, or even how far you are from the mic; you don’t want to be too close or the audio will distort, and you don’t want to be too far or else no one will hear you!

If you can, test your audio before each shot to ensure the best sound for your audience.

Microphones for Mobile Devices:

Microphones for DSLR cameras:

Wind Shield for Compact Cameras:


Prices in USD


If you’re doing YouTube for the money at least be passionate about making money (3 Creative Ways to Earn $1000 Extra per Month With YouTube)! To do anything at the greatest of your ability I personally believe you have to be genuinely passionate about the thing that you’re doing! I can’t give you tips on how to be passionate but I can tell you that if you want to create professional, compelling YouTube videos, you have to be passionate about making videos, filming, or just creation in general. Even if you’re not passionate right now and only see the rewards YouTube has to offer, keep trying all types of video styles until you come across something you just absolutely love!


Confidence – a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities.

Don’t think to yourself “I can’t do this, I can’t do that”. Go into recording like you own it… BECAUSE YOU DO OWN IT! Don’t worry about what people will think. Or if it’s better than someone else’s video. Or if it’s not good enough. If you’re truly passionate about making videos than being confident shouldn’t be a worry, just know that you’re doing this for a good reason! Think about those good reasons over the negative, appreciate your art, and compare yourself with yourself, not with other YouTubers!


Quality Over Quantity.

The way you edit your video is what gives the video that unique touch that makes it special. Cut out moments of silence, uh’s, um’s, etc. Pretty much anything that you can think of that would make the video either boring or less entertaining. Keep only things that are necessary for your video idea. Add transitions and sound effects to keep the viewer’s attention. Editing is the most tiring part of creating videos so make sure you take your time and even carry it on to the next day if you have to. If you rush or force yourself while you’re tired, you might end up making mistakes and/or it might come out sloppy!

  • Cut out silence, uh’s, um’s, etc
  • Try not to say “like” too much or editing will be more painful
  • Cut out boring or less entertaining parts for more watch time
  • Add transitions, sound effects, intro, outro, and background music
  • Don’t rush, and spend as long as it takes to create a “quality” video
  • Make sure the audio from the camera, music, and sound effects are mastered for best results!

Be Yourself

Okay, this one is kind of cliché but hear me out. Don’t just think to yourself “oh, be myself…ok” and have no idea what to do! Think about the things that make you-you and add it to your videos. The way you talk, the way you walk, the way you dress, what you eat, to what you buy! Just be yourself, because the best fan base/audience you can have is one that like you for who you truly are. You wouldn’t want people to like you for something you’re not, so try your hardest to be yourself and just do the things that you like. Don’t make a certain video because you saw someone else make it and they got a lot of views, do it because you have a pure desire of curiosity or think you’d enjoy that same experience!